HF, HFC, HFE - Filters

Product description

The filter elements type HFC, HF and HFE are preferably used in small pressure oil circuits without significant flow rates, in which the oil column on the consumer side is more or less pushed back and forth. They are often sufficient to protect against malfunctions, but are no substitute for commercially available pressure filters and return line filters.

The type HFC screen filter is available as a screen disc or as a filter element with a fine screen. It is divided into different sizes for common threaded connections or bores. The type HFE is designed with a screw-in element. The type HF is available as a cage.

Features and advantages

  • Version as an installation kit or integrated in the housing
  • Different sizes available
  • Any flow direction

Intended applications

  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Small pressure oil circuits, e.g. pilot control circuits, tension or clamping circuits