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HAWE Hydraulik receives the German Entrepreneurship Award

HAWE Hydraulik wins the German Entrepreneurship Award in the category "Business for Development" with a project led by the trainees and inspired by an initiative of the VDMA. Practical training courses and modern training models help people in Botswana to receive specialist training and detailed insights into hydraulics.

The prize was awarded on 12.2.2019 at the German African Business Summit in Accra, Ghana and presented by the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller and the President of Ghana, Dankwa Akufo-Addo. On behalf of HAWE, Supervisory Board member Dr. Alexa Haeusgen and Human Resources Manager Anja Lehr received the award. The prize is awarded every two years by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V. (CDG) and is endowed with 35,000 euros. "The award-winning companies are making a demonstrable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with their projects or innovative business models," reads the website.

The prize money is to flow into the award-winning projects and product ideas and thus provide additional impetus. HAWE will organise a maintenance workshop on site in Botswana. The idea for the workshop was born when the HAWE trainees put the 3 training models into operation at the Garbarone Training Centre in autumn 2018. In addition to the new training models, there are also old welding machines with extraction systems, as well as lathes and milling machines for training purposes, which are either completely broken or only function poorly. These are now to be repaired with the money. But again the local specialists are to be trained to carry out the repairs themselves and to maintain these machines and the new training models independently in the future. In 2019, a group of HAWE maintenance specialists will fly to Botswana for this training. In addition, the money will be used to procure necessary spare parts or build them themselves.

A total of five training models were built by the trainees in the project. Three have now been successfully put into operation in Botswana and train-the-trainer training courses have been carried out. The other two training models will be delivered to Nigeria in 2019. A similar project has also been planned for Kenya. The VDMA initiative "Skilled Workers for Africa", which gave the idea, spans these three African countries.