I’m Henry, dedicated hydraulic engineer and your partner

Together we’ll find proper hydraulic solutions for your applications which will not just save resources but will be innovative, safe and compact as well - just as you would expect from your perfect partner. Take a look at my partner exchange below and discover what I can offer to you as your partner.

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Yours, Henry

Efficiency specialist seeks partner for lower emissions.

I proudly present you our products which will extremely help you to save energy or to get more out of your existing engine performance.

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Time-worn solution seeks partner for new adventures.

If you wish to take a fresh look at established ideas or you just appreciate the ideas from an external, experienced partner - we should meet.

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Heavy load seeks partner for safe support.

Preventing accidents with your vehicles is your daily mission? Then we should talk about safety functions for diagnosis and redundant control.

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Small budget is looking for partners with high efficiency.

You are a friend of long-term planning? Then it is worth considering also the cost in the long run. Quality and reliability will pay off. You and your customer will save twice.

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Little space is looking for partners with fitting products.

Actually, they do not need to hide, because the design is really presentable. But if the installation space is small and stated, our products love to disappear in there.

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