"DekarbN" climate protection network

HAWE Hydraulik is part of the "dekarbN" climate protection network in Bavaria. This is a further step towards becoming an energy-efficient and climate-friendly company.

Due to its high share of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, industry plays a major role in achieving climate protection goals of the governments. This requires the decarbonisation of all industrial sectors.

To achieve this goal, every single company, including those with less energy-intensive value chains, will have to make its contribution. This requires an individual decarbonisation strategy tailored to the specifics of each company and its production sites.

The aim “dekarbN” is to provide each participating company with a tailor-made decarbonisation roadmap that can be implemented in concrete terms at the end of the three-year network period. In addition, the necessary competence is to be built up to design and implement a concrete decarbonisation strategy in one's own company.

You can find more information in the press release: https://www.hawe.com/company/news/press/detail/hawe-hydraulik-is-part-of-the-dekarbn-climate-protection-network/


Many children and young people in our immediate environment are exposed to difficulties, misfortune and suffering. Attention, perception and care are existentially important here. KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN (Child protection Munich) helps with this on site. HAWE has been supporting the association for several years and sponsors projects.

The association supports children, young people, adults and families in difficult circumstances in and around Munich. The services offered by the more than 50 facilities include outpatient educational assistance, counseling in cases of sexual abuse, migration services, social work in schools, district services, inpatient educational services, assisted living, daycare facilities for children, as well as guardianship and legal support.

Founded in 1901 and based in Munich, the association offers young people, their relatives and adults sustainable and trusting relationships, perceives each person in their uniqueness and accompanies them on their way to a self-determined life with new perspectives. In doing so, the employees stand for solidarity and create spaces for the encounter of people and cultures - values that HAWE gladly promotes out of deepest conviction. 

Whether monetary donations or very concrete, pragmatic support such as the provision of masks during the corona pandemic - HAWE's financial and personal assistance is manifold. Our Supervisory Board Chairman Karl Haeusgen has also accompanied the organizational development of KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN for more than eight years as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and advises the association's Board of Directors, particularly on economic issues. HAWE also provides support within the framework of the supporters' network "Freund*innen des KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN" (Friends of KINDERSCHUTZ MUNICH) and promotes projects, creates and strengthens networks and helps the association to work professionally and effectively.

You can learn more about the assocation here: https://www.kinderschutz.de/

Foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule"

The foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule" (Society meets school) accompanies eighth- and ninth-graders already during their school years in order to promote the pupils' choice of profession for a successful transition into the profession. HAWE Hydraulik provides financial and personal support.

Up to 80% of young people attending secondary schools in urban conurbations often have social difficulties, learning disabilities or a migration background.

This target group disproportionately often does not graduate from school and rarely makes the direct transition to vocational training. In full-day courses, targeted vocational orientation and personality stabilisation measures can be used to provide targeted support. 

HAWE Hydraulik has been supporting the BEO+ project since June 2014. For this project pupils visit the Munich headquarters for an application folder day. The HAWE trainers and a personnel officer will give them tips on application letters and job interviews. The students also get an insight into the training occupations and requirements of a company for future trainees. As a cooperation partner of "Gesellschaft macht Schule". With the motto "You can become anything you want, no matter where you come from" HAWE supports not only financially, but mainly operationally. The students visit the factory in Freising and are even allowed to help themselves.