HLU LE-X (M): Proven technology rethought

The new HLU LE-X (M) is the further development of the previous generation of locking units. In the aspects of dimensions, load capacity, stroke lengths, emergency actuation, corrosion protection and design, considerable progress and simplifications have been achieved in order to integrate our restraint system even better into your system landscape. It is also RoHs and REACH compliant. It is designed according to the latest and most common standards: DIN EN 13814, ISO 17842-01, ASTM 2291.

What is new about the type LE-X?

More design freedom for you thanks to many design advantages:

  • Stroke lengths from 80 up to 250 mm
  • Envelope dimensions reduced by up to 71% (see HLU LE32 K)

-->  Increased compatibility with many different restraint systems in amusement rides

Exchangeability of existing units significantly simplified.

  • The external dimensions are closely based on existing units on the market
  • "One size fits it all", i.e. you can scale the same designs of your restraint system to various rides and save costs

-->  Retrofitting and exchange in case of service - Test the LE-X!

Newly developed emergency release

  • with push-pull remote control
  • different lengths available
  • Plug & Play installation

--> Quick release in an emergency without prior removal of components / cladding

Further product advantages

  • Designed for highest loads (breaking load: 30,200 N; fatigue load at 10,500 N)
  • Closed and low-maintenance hydraulic system
  • Electrical unlocking and manual emergency operation
  • Corrosion protection level up to C4 and suitable for use even in dusty or humid environments (protection class up to IP 67)

You can find more information of the state-of-the-art safety solution LE-X for passenger restraint systems in amusement rides in our flyer or contact your sales representative directly: Contact Search