Micro Fluid products

HAWE Micro Fluid develops compact hydraulic components, pre-configured sets and complete systems with a need for small and fine-tuned volume flow ranges for medical applications and locking systems for roller coasters.


Lifting column type CCL

Lift column type CTL, CCL

The lift columns are characterised by a balanced coordination of torque stiffness, space requirements and flexibility. Standardised hydraulic components provide the lift column with a high degree of functional reliability and density. All versions are fully functional ex works and are fully tested before delivery. They can therefore be used directly.

Technical data

  • Nominal load Trendelenburg (max.): 1500 Nm
  • Stroke (max.): 360 mm
  • Installation height (min): 496 mm
  • Patient weight (max.): up to 450 kg (centric)
  • Design standard: DIN EN 60601-2-46

CTL data sheet: D 6043

CCL data sheet: D 6044

Hydraulic-Set Stretcher_1

Hydraulic set

Drive for rescue beds

Our drive solutions for rescue beds for lifting and lowering offer a wide range of adjustment options with regard to hose length, cylinder travel speed, cylinder connections and stroke (length depending on tank size). The customer also has the option of adapting the motor controller and the software.

Technical data

  • Force: Can be interpreted individually for each customer
  • Control: Precisely adjustable
  • Lifting and lowering time: Can be designed to suit individual customer requirements


Floor lock system


In the classic systems, the track roller and the jacking cylinder are structurally separate from each other. These systems are preferably used in price-sensitive markets. Compactly integrated into the medical device, these versatile systems make a significant contribution to greater mobility and flexibility. The Rhombus lifting roller system is a highly integrated system which represents a unifying and more versatile solution than the classic systems, in which the roller and the jacking cylinder are structurally separate from each other, in order to be able to meet the growing demands of the markets for even more flexibility, mobility and safety.

Technical data

  • Force: 250 kg per cylinder
  • Stroke in mm (compensation level): up to 30 mm (compensation level up to 10 mm)
  • Vibration damping system: passive damping behavior
  • Type of construction (classic): cylinder and track roller structurally separated
  • Design type (Rhombus): Highly integrated, compact system

If you have any enquiries about the products shown here, please contact: info@hawe-microfluid.com