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Product description

Pressure-dependent shut-off valves are a type of pressure control valve. When a set pressure value is reached and exceeded, they block the flow to consumer line B with zero leakage. The valves will open again if the pressure on inflow side A falls below the set value defined by the spring tension.

The pressure-dependent shut-off valve type DSV is used as a safeguard pressure gauge, for example.

The valve type DSV is available for pipe connection or manifold mounting. The valve type DSV is used, for example, as a safeguard pressure gauge.

Features and benefits:
  • Various adjustment options
  • Various additional functions
Intended applications:
  • General hydraulic systems
  • Test benches
  • (Pressure gauge) protection valve
Technical data - Type DSV - Switch unit
Size2-2DesignPortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)40DocumentDownloads
Size2-3DesignPortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)60DocumentDownloads
Size21-1DesignPortingSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)20DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document2-2Porting40040Downloads2-3Porting40060Downloads21-1Porting40020Downloads
Technical data - Type DSVP - Switch unit
Size21-1DesignManifold mountingSystem pressure600Flow rate (lpm)20DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document21-1Manifold mounting60020Downloads