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Innovative battery packs for emission-free drive of working hydraulics

The battery packs from HAWE Mattro have a very high energy density compared to the market and can be interconnected to form battery systems.

Battery packs from HAWE Mattro are available in a wide variety of sizes

The battery packs from HAWE Mattro, together with the efficient hydraulic control systems from HAWE Hydraulik, offer an ideal unit for electrification projects.

The lithium-ion battery packs from HAWE Mattro are designed for use in off-highway machines for drive working hydraulics or as a traction battery. With their very high energy density, these battery packs offer the best values in terms of runtime and thus range, making them a problem solver in space-critical electrification projects. They are preferably used with drive peak power in the range between 10 kW and 100 kW. They are designed for continuous operation and a long life cycle, but are also ideal for developing prototypes.

The integrated battery management system (BMS) permanently monitors the condition of the battery pack. As a result, it protects against over- or deep discharge, over/under temperature and too high currents. It performs the balancing and optimizes the service life of the battery. This replaces complex installation and testing of external safety components such as high-performance relays or pre-charging units.

As individual batteries, they are directly connected with industrial connector. Alternatively, it can be used as a replaceable battery by means of a proven quick-change system. The battery packs can be connected in parallel to battery systems, so-called clusters, and thus perfectly adapted to a wide variety of requirements. The right accessories, such as charger or power distribution unit (PDU), are also part of HAWE Mattro's product portfolio.

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