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Conveying hydraulic knowledge in a practical way

Handover of the test stand to the Technical University of Munich by HAWE

In the future, students at the TU Munich were to be offered even more practical knowledge and, above all, practical exercise opportunities in the courses on automation technology. For this purpose, the chair approached the Munich-based family-owned company HAWE Hydraulik. A cooperation was established, which is to be further expanded.

The field of automation technology combines various technologies under one technical term, one of them is hydraulics. Students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) were to be taught this established and changing technology as best as possible in theory and practice.

In cooperation with the hydraulics specialist HAWE Hydraulik, a newly developed course was created on the fundamentals of hydraulics, the position control of hydraulic cylinders and the necessary control technology. For practical exercises, a test bench was built by HAWE and made available to the chair at the end of 2020.

As long as no classroom sessions can take place due to the Corona pandemic, a simulation will be used in the online practical course. When the test bench can then be used live, the students will use it to practically control and program cylinder movements themselves, simulate malfunctions and perform fault analyses. In this way, the theoretically learned hydraulics knowledge can be directly implemented in practice.