Our consulting for the electrification of mobile machines

Mattro Beratung

Thanks to the teamwork of Mattro and HAWE engineers, you receive one-stop competence for electrification and optimization of power hydraulics in mobile machinery. 

The joint offer of HAWE Hydraulik and Mattro is implementation-oriented and designed with a practical focus. It is divided into packages that can be clearly defined in terms of scope and time expenditure. This gives you planning security and shows you the efficiency of this partnership, step by step if desired:

Are you thinking of converting a certain vehicle or special mobile work equipment from combustion engine to electric drive?

We create a practical implementation concept for you. This will provide you with a quick but well-founded assessment of the technical, financial and time expenditure required to change over to or start using electric mobility.

Have you already decided in favor of the electric drive?

We will accompany your vehicle electrification from the entire design and construction process to the prototype ready for operation. If desired, we will not only consider the electric drive but also the control of the working functions. Because if we succeed in reducing the energy consumption of the power hydraulics by taking a holistic view, this pays off immediately when designing the motor and the energy storage (battery).