Mini power packs

With their highly compact, weight-optimised design, mini power packs are designed for a wide range of applications. They provide a flow rate from 0,24 lpm to a maximum of 4 lpm. The portfolio includes hydraulic power packs from simple holding functions in reversing mode, simple lifting/lowering functions to special power packs for safety brakes for cranes, lifts and winches.


Mini power pack type H300

Mini power pack type H

The type H mini power pack with integrated control is designed for industrial actuation for single-acting actuators (lifting/lowering function). It is powered by an AC motor. The integrated 2/2 directional seated valve reduces power loss and the load is held securely in position.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: max 230 bar
  • Flow rate: 0.7 to 4 lpm
  • Nominal power: 0.3 to 1.5 kW

Data sheet: DH 6344


Mini power pack type HR080

Mini power pack type HR

The type HR080 micro hydraulic power pack features high pressure in the smallest space, with the option to use any installation position. The reversing function is performed by reversing the direction of rotation of the motor. A directional valve is not needed. The motor is protected from overload by an integrated temperature switch. This hydraulic power pack is equipped with a DC or AC motor.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: max 210 bar
  • Flow rate 0.24 lpm, 0.32 lpm, 0.52 lpm
  • Weight: 4 kg

Data sheet: DH 6342


Mini power pack type A065

Mini power pack type A065

Our external gear pump is flange-mounted to the equipment carrier in this mini hydraulic power pack.

Technical data

  • Flow rate: max. 1 lpm
  • Pressure range: 160 – 250 bar

Data sheet: DH 6034


Mini power pack type A10

Mini power pack type A10

For lifting equipment, in particular the baskets of lifting platforms, cherry pickers and turntable ladders, the horizontal arrangement of the work surfaces, on which people can move, is an indispensable feature. The challenge for these applications is achieving fast tracking of the platform in the correct working position and securely holding this position. The A10 mini hydraulic power pack is the integrated hydraulic solution for this application: The target position of the work platform is achieved through the power of a hydraulic power pack and held permanently and securely with the aid of an integrated 2/2 directional seated valve.

Technical data

  • Flow rate: max. 2.5 lpm
  • Operating pressure: max. 160 bar

Data sheet: DH 6025


Mini power pack type 4

Mini power pack type 4

In this mini power pack, our proven radial piston pump from the automotive sector is directly integrated in the pump carrier. The oil tank for the hydraulic power pack is a round, transparent tank with an M8x1 filling screw.

Technical data

  • Flow rate: max. 1 lpm
  • Operating pressure: max. 200 bar

Data sheet: DH 6014

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