Best mowing results by compensating the ground contours

HAWE Hydraulik SE, offers a compact, hydraulic control block that reliably and accurately controls the weight of the cutting unit of combine harvesters and mulchers. The user gets the best cutting results with maximum soil protection.

At the beginning of the harvest, the farmer puts the weight of the attached cutting unit on the ground comfortably by the push of a button in the cab. The hydraulic control then ensures the corresponding compensation for ground recesses and elevations during travel. Thus, the cutting system of the ground contour follows much more precisely than with a mechanical relief. In addition, the block is significantly smaller than the mechanical solution with springs or comparable hydraulic solutions with hydro-accumulators. In addition, the HAWE solution integrates everything in one valve block, which saves piping and is even more economical. Technically, for this solution no sensor technology is necessary, the mooring function is completely operated by the hydraulic circuit. Where the cutter bar traverses over a recess in the ground, weight and load pressure increase as a shock valve opens up. When the unit passes over a bump in the ground the load pressure drops. The spool valve re-feeds oil and provides pressure equalization. The oil that is discharged during operations via the shock valve has to be re-supplied into the hydraulic system. To ensure that energy losses are kept at a minimum, a load sensing line prevents the pressure compensator from opening up to much. The hydraulic control developed by HAWE Hydraulik, also known as Mooring-block, is precisely adapted to the technical requirements in combine harvesters, forage harvesters and woodchuck machines and up to now available in two sizes.