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Aerial working platforms

Under a bridge, above a roof or next to a wind power plant – wherever you need to work, hydraulics can get you there. Dealing with great heights accurately and safely not only requires being able to overcome vertigo. You also need to be able to rely on technology.

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Loader cranes

When a bulky load needs to be unloaded on the 3rd floor of a building or an expensive classic car needs to be recovered, the full concentration of the crane operator is required. Wouldn‘t it be useful then if electronics, hydraulics and mechanics could work together easily and safely? If the operator is satisfied, then the crane manufacturers and the suppliers have done a good job.

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Mobile cranes

A good crane should be powerful, mobile, operator-friendly and, of course, completely safe. On top of that, it should lift, load, turn and move around with minimal energy consumption. HAWE Hydraulik offers reliable, efficient, state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions that enable you to meet all these requirements.

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Drilling equipment

Whether it’s small blast holes, major tunnels or long conduits, in any drilling or boring operation, the direction and pressure have to be exactly right. If the drilling rig encounters unexpected soil conditions, all the hydraulic and electronic components have to work together seamlessly to ensure successful results.

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