Individual development opportunities

We want to achieve great things and move forward together - this is why every individual must have the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. For this purpose, we offer our employees a wide range of personal measures:

Specialist and management career

For HAWE Hydraulik it is clear: To ensure a successful organisation, we need excellent managers and specialists! For this reason, we offer our employees access to the professional career in addition to their "well-known" leadership career.

Collegial case consulting

In small groups, managers advise each other on solving concrete challenges. The regularity of the meetings and the feedback on the effectiveness of the solutions result in a constant increase in competence.

Staff appraisal

All employees conduct a structured annual meeting with their manager. One of the crucial points is the further development of the employee.

360° Feedback

In order to get impulses for their own further development, managers can obtain differentiated feedback from their employees, colleagues and superiors.

Potential analysis

All management positions are filled with the help of a potential analysis process. This process includes an individual development plan to support the candidate in the new position.


For topics where professional, individual support is required, a pool of external coaches can be accessed.


All employees have access to various training opportunities via an intranet portal. Many measures are offered by internal experts, so that an active knowledge transfer is created.