Individual development opportunities

We want to achieve great things and move forward together - this is why every individual must have the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. For this purpose, we offer our employees a wide range of personal measures:

Annual Employee Interview

All HAWE employees get to meet their supervisors for a special annual appraisal, a structured process in which their personal and professional development tops the list of our priorities.

Strategic Succession and Development Process

HAWE cares about effective succession and talent management for our people. In our Strategic Succession and Development Process, we identify and discuss succession candidates and select outstanding employees for promotion and special career opportunities.

Expert and Leadership Careers

We at HAWE Hydraulik are convinced: For our organization to excel, we need both excellent leaders and exceptional experts! This is why we offer not only our regular leadership career, but also lots of structured opportunities for advancement as experts.

Potential analysis

Every executive or expert position is assigned based on a careful analysis of each candidate’s potential. The procedure used for this also equips them with an individual development plan to facilitate their transition into their new position.

360° Feedback

Any HAWE leader looking for new ideas and impulses for their personal development can use our 360° feedback process to get meaningful and detailed answers and suggestions from their employees, colleagues, and superiors.

HAWE Academy

Our dedicated online platform gives you access to a wide range of development opportunities and resources, including many courses taught by internal experts committed to sharing their expertise and knowhow actively through our organization.


More experienced managers and employees can volunteer as mentors to accompany junior colleagues on their development journey and help with the challenges they might encounter. Our mentors serve as role models and sources of knowhow and professional experience for their mentees.

HAWE Short-Term Job Rotation

Any employee interested in learning more about our organization and seeing what other HAWE professionals are doing can join our job rotation programme to follow a colleague from another area and experience their work for a defined period of time.


Our employees have access to a dedicated pool of external coaches for professional support with any issues they might be facing in their work here at HAWE.

Peer Coaching

Our leaders have an opportunity to meet up in small groups and advise and assist each other with specific challenges. With the insights and feedback from these regular meet-ups, we help each other grow and enrich our skillsets and competences together.