Product advantages

Our product range comprises hydraulic pumps (fixed- and variable-displacement pumps), hydraulic units, hydraulic valves for a multitude of applications and in a number of construction sizes, hydraulic accessories and electronic components. The systematically structured modular systems allow us to react quickly to customers’ needs and create individualized solutions from standard components.

All pressurized components are manufactured from steel, which tolerate pressures of up to 700 bar. In addition, the valves have either zero leakage or minimized leakage depending on the design. These product properties make HAWE solutions especially durable and reliable in applications with medium and high pressure ranges.

The high power density of hydraulics in general and the compact construction of HAWE components in particular are brought to bear in applications such as clamping functions in machine tools: The total lifecycle costs and energy requirement of the machine are reduced. The reliability and simple maintenance of HAWE solutions pay off in equipment like wind turbines and solar power plants.

Control systems for mobile machines including agricultural, forestry and municipal vehicles allow the user to work with precision independently of the load and also reduce the fuel requirement. Last but not least, our solenoid valves are approved in accordance with international directives specifically for use in construction machinery and drilling equipment in explosive atmospheres and environments susceptible to firedamp.